Thursday, October 15, 2009

2 Forms of Entertainment

Value is how much something is worth. So if something has value it is worth something. But how do you determine what has more value than another thing? You can determine it by price for expensive items like iPods, jewelry and cell phones. What about the things that you value, that mean something to you? The things that don’t have a price tag like family gatherings, the moment when you enter bed after a long day or the start of a weekend. Those things mean a lot just as expensive items do. But the question is what is worth more? Do you determine that by price or how much something means to you?

Nothing beats seeing a movie at the movie theater. I love movies and I am a huge movie person. I have been to the movies seventeen times this year. One of the best priceless moments is when a movie is about to begin at the movie theater. I have gotten to the movie early with my snacks in hand whether it is popcorn, soda, candy or nachos and what not. I get there early so I have a good seat. I want to have a good view of the movie. I just sat through the commercials which are before the movie previews and I get annoyed if there is too much commercials because don't you already see enough of those on TV?! Then the movie preview starts which I actually do not mind by the way because I love to see the upcoming attractions and to see what’s coming soon so I can plan to when to see the must see movies. After all that the movie starts. It’s about time.

You see the opening credits. You obviously know what movie you are seeing and most likely what it is about unless you were dragged to see a movie that you did not want to see. You can’t wait to be brought into another world and experience it with the whole entire audience. It is starting to tell you a story that you will hopefully be engaged in, be entertained with or have a great time watching. It is especially a great experience if you have been anticipating the movie for a while or it is a huge summer blockbuster. If you are watching an adventure film, you are going to go on an adventure with the characters, you might be thrilled with a car chase or another fast paced scene in and action film or you might be cracking up with a comedy film. Sometimes in the midst of everything, stress, school, homework, and a busy schedule you just need to escape from the real world and be brought into anew world and seeing a movie at the movie theater satisfies those requirements.

One of my favorite items that is valuable to me is my iPod. During the winter of 2007 around Christmastime I wanted one present more than anything else: an iPod. I would keep pestering and reminding my parents that I wanted one and I’m pretty sure they got the idea. Even though when Christmas came around, I didn’t get one I had enough money to go and buy one. So, in early January my dad and I went up to Target at the Holyoke Mall and he let me pick one out. I got a square silver four gigabyte iPod nano that was the new iPod at the time because it was the first nano that could hold videos. I still have that iPod to this day which is loaded with all of my favorite tunes whenever I want. I can bring it to long car rides, when I go for a walk or just when I’m in my room and I want to relax.

So, as you can see both of the things that I mentioned are both very valuable to me. Both things let me escape from the real world whether it is being brought to a new world on the big screen or hearing nothing but my favorite lyrics and beats as I close my eyes. Though not necessarily my favorite priceless moment as I love the things I stated above; family gatherings, going to bed, the start of a weekend etc I still love seeing movies at the big screen and I feel that those “priceless” moments are more valuable than the expensive ones because they can’t be brought back and will have a better memory locked in your head and those “priceless” moments you will probably enjoy forever and won’t be replaced as new gadgets come along.

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